How does it work? 

The first step is to take your personal assessment.
It takes about 25 minutes to complete the 120-question assessment form. The result, delivered as a 20 page report, will be delivered electronically in .pdf format directly to your mailbox. We can then set up an appointment for your feedback session. 

After you received your feedback, you may decide to continue with a standard or a tailor made program. The programs are designed for individuals as well as for couples and include a maximum of 33 exercises to develop your personal retirement plan. 

Whether you will chose a standard program or a program especially tailored to suit your particular situation, we will offer you a solution that suits your needs at an affordable price.

During the course of your program we will analyze your scores in-depth and develop the strategies that will increase your retirement readiness.

We will work through an individually designed agenda based on a structured framework. Emphasis will be given to your personal retirement expectations and the areas with the highest development potential.

Our retirement coaching programs are intended to leverage on your natural strengths and are dedicated to match your readiness to meet your personal retirement expectations. You will acquire the tools that are necessary to successfully transition to your post-career-life by aligning your goals with concrete action steps.

Upon completion of your program you will have developed your own personal retirement mission statement and your own personal strategic post-career life plan. It enables you to see your post-career life as an opportunity to reach your greatest potential!

Seeking retirement coaching shows that you recognize and respect the dramatic changes that come through retirement and that you are determined to get it right! 

Get ready now!

Retirement-life can be purpose-driven and meaningful and yet fun and pleasurable! 

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