What is the Retirement Success Profile® and its purpose? 

The Retirement Success Profile® (RSP®) is a scientifically designed assessment tool that identifies your personal retirement strengths and weaknesses. 

What exactly does the RSP® measure? 

The RSP® will show how your future expectations compare to your current mind-set regarding 15 psychological factors that are important for retirement. These 15 variables have been demonstrated to positively impact retirement decisions and future retirement lifestyle. 

Over the past 20 years, the Retirement Success Profile® has been validated, administered and interpreted by thousands of individuals.

This report will provide you with the most accurate, personalized, and comprehensive retirement planning information possible!

By providing you with a quantitative measure of preparation for retirement, it pinpoints to areas where you can focus your attention so you can raise your level of transition readiness. 

The 15 Retirement Success Factors are:  

1. Work Disengagement
2. Attitude Towards Retirement
3. Personal Directedness
4. Health Perception
5. Financial Security (subjective)
6. Current Life Satisfaction
7. Projected Life Satisfaction

  8. Life Meaning
  9. Leisure Interests
10. Adaptability
11. Life Stage Satisfaction
12. Dependents
13. Familial & Marital Issues
14. Perception of Age
15. Replacement of Work

Retirement-life can be fun and pleasurable and yet purpose-driven and meaningful.  

Get ready for the best time in your life!